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 HI, IT'S ME  


Brooke Elizabeth made her move to Minneapolis as soon as she graduated high school. She knew that the music scene of the city was what she was looking for, and she was ready to take the leap and focus on her music career. Her first EP, Welcome to My World had more of an Americana sound. However, her later single releases showed a more eclectic artist. As a singer/songwriter, Brooke Elizabeth tells the stories of life and experiences we can all relate to. Brooke’s unique sound often reminds people of artists like Norah Jones, and more recently, Billie Eilish. 


Shortly after she got her baby blue guitar, Brooke was writing her own music and performing at open mic nights, which quickly led to solo gigs and opening acts with nationally known artists like Keri Noble and lovelytheband, and most recently, Ruth B. Brooke Elizabeth has worked with so many wonderful individuals in the industry that have impacted her as an artist and person. Brooke connected with producer Tommy Barbarella, who is an astounding musician and was the keyboard player for Prince. They instantly worked really well together and have been able to come up with a sound that is unique and true to who Brooke Elizabeth is as an artist. Brooke is currently working on a new collection of songs that she plans to release more freely, giving time for more creative opportunities along with the music. Connect with Brooke Elizabeth on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date on what's next.

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